Let the Songswarms begin!

OK! Our website is officially up and running and the mix-down of our first Songswarm compilation album is in the works. It’s sounding good and I’m excited to be part of this project to spread the idea and principles of songswarming. AND, I LOVE being a songswarmer! I’ve performed music in so many settings and situations over the years, from singing in a national folk pop trio back in the ’60s, to fronting a country band in NYC in the 70’s; traveling solo in the 80’s and settling into writing and performing only original material in the 90’s. It’s all been wonderful, but this Songswarm movement has become my favorite way to walk on a stage.

What I like most about songswarming is the spontaneity of it! I’ve been in songswarms where I’ve never even met one of the performers before and yet after a couple of tunes we’re smilin’ and swarmin’! Audiences seem to take to the idea well too! Supportive encouragement drifts in the air and the whole room feels connected. I’m hooked. No songswarm is ever the same as the last. I like that.
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